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Why is the type of HOAs that your Association Manager oversees important?

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

One size fits all does not apply to HOA Management.

A multi-story condo building is much more difficult to manage than a community of single family homes or townhomes.

With multi-story condo buildings there are many more regulations and requirements:

  • Fire inspections

  • ADA requirements

  • Emergency lighting systems

  • Extra Insurance

  • Etc.

Additionally, in multi-story condo buildings the HOA is responsible for maintaining many more components:

  • Hot water systems

  • Sewer pipes

  • Security systems

  • Trash chutes

  • Etc.

More regulations and more components mean a lot more work for Association Managers in multi-story condo buildings.

If your Association Manager mainly manages single family homes or townhomes they are probably not a good match for your multi-story condo building.

Find out the type of HOAs that your Association Manager typically oversees here:

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