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Help us build the world’s largest public database of HOA financial information.

Why is this important?


For most people their home is their largest investment and many people invest their life savings into homes controlled by HOAs.

What's the worst an HOA can do to you? Tell you what color to paint your house? Fine you for not cutting your grass? It's much worse... If an HOA is financially mismanaged, they can cause you to lose your home!

Now, let's compare this to investing in the stock market... What would the stock market be like if companies weren’t forced to report financials to the public? What if there was no SEC to ensure those financials were accurate? This is how the HOA space operates.

Help us bring transparency to HOA financials so homeowners don't lose their life savings to poorly run HOAs.

What will you learn?

If you're planning a career in real estate or just planning to buy a home in the future, you will more than likely encounter an HOA. Your internship will teach all about HOA finances and the red flags to look out for when buying a home controlled by an HOA.



Help us discover HOAs not yet in our system.


Help us collect details for newly discovered HOAs and develop an HOA Score®.


Lead a team of Researchers and Analysts.


Manage our HOA Score® account for a specific county.



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