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Where are REAL reviews of HOA Managers?

Here’s the current order of credibility

  1. Yelp - At least they try to filter out fake reviews.

  2. Google - While they don’t filter out obviously fake reviews, they do provide info that allows you to do it. If a reviewer has only completed 1 review and has no profile photo, most likely fake review.

Here’s some sites you should never trust:

  • Birdeye - Do they even try to filter out fake reviews? See the example below...

Here’s a real world example for The Helsing Group:

  • Yelp = 1.5 Stars (114 Reviews)

  • Google = 3.9 Stars (118 Reviews)

  • Birdseye = 5.0 Stars (220 Reviews)

We are currently working on a way for you to leave reviews for your HOA Manager that are verified as coming from real owners. No HOA Managers pretending to be customers allowed.

If you’ve run across any other sites trying to pass off fake reviews of HOA Managers as real, let us know…

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